The Illusion of Solidity

When you look at yourselves in the mirror, you see a solid body. Well it’s simply an illusion! Yup, an illusion!

You might think that objects are dense but in reality they’re 99.999…% empty space. Even rock hard objects are nothing more than vibrations that occur at such high speeds that they give the illusion of being firm. For example, think of a ceiling fan whose blades are spinning at a high speed. It appears solid from a far, but it is far from it.

ceiling+fan Source:

Living beings are made up out of various molecules and proteins which in turn are made up of smaller entities such as atoms.

That’s the thing, even something fundamental like an atom is predominantly hollow. When you think of an atom the image below frequently comes to mind. Although this model it is overly simplistic, it is enough to prove my point.

English: Model of atom.

Source: Wikipedia

As the theory stands today, in the core there is a nucleus containing protons and neutrons while on the outside there’re electrons. These electrons are in constant motion and occupy “orbits” which are areas with high probability of finding a particular electron. In between, there is emptiness.

Putting things in perspective, it is predicted that if a nucleus was the size of a golf ball then an atom would be the size of a football  field…

As you can see we are nothing more than energy and vibrations of various fundamental particles. Even things such as sound and  light are nothing more than energy waves.

How does this relate to us? Well… When you think of things not as solid objects but as energy and vibrations, ideas like “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” begin to make sense. Although not scientifically proven, it would logically make sense that we send out frequencies that might not be detectable by our eyes or ears and likewise receive some in return. I’m sure you’ve felt it when you can sense positive or negative vibes coming from a particular individual. Furthermore, using this logic one could explain the idea of karma. It’s also the same reason why I don’t eat the flesh of poor tortured factory farm animals. Why absorb negative frequencies?

Think about it…

How do you see yourself? Is it as a material body or an energetic being?


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