Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. 

Now you may be wondering who am I?

Let`s just start with the basics. My name is Nadiya and I`m in my early 20`s. Originally I`m from Odessa, Ukraine but moved to Toronto, Canada as a pre-teen. Yup! I`m from the world`s perogie capital 😉

Making Perogies

Perogies can totally be vegan!

I try to live up to my Sagittarius standards. Doing things that scare me, always exploring, learning, trying new things and being creative. I have fallen in love with sports and ran a half-marathon in May. Currently I’m part of my university’s Triathlon Club and I’ll see where that leads me 😉

However, most of all I`m one curious girl!!!

Well… that`s why I`m currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto studying epigenetics (gene regulation) in context of vascular biology. Hopefully getting my PhD in a few years. Lots of exciting stuff!!!


Nerdy little me…

 Diet wise… I`ve been pretty much vegetarian throughout my childhood or from what I could remember. Let`s say you don`t go buying chicken breasts in Ukraine. Generally, you get the whole chicken with skin on and you have to do all the cleaning yourself. Gross!!!

I habitually started eating meat around the age of 13 because I actually thought it was healthy and would make me stronger. You know how the media is! More like a pile of BS! Due to costs associated with meat consumption, I stopped eating it apart from special occasions. Meat didn’t appeal to me but I did continue eating large quantities of dairy.

To be frank I didn’t know what vegan was till about 2 years ago!!! Around that time I was getting myself involved in sports and began to follow some famous vegetarian or vegan blogs. Thank you Brendan Brazier and Rich Roll!

Then… the movie “Earthlings” happened last year. After spending a whole week painfully watching it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no way I could look at meat or dairy the same way… No animal tortures its pray, so how could humans sink so low?

Where do I stand right now? Vegetarian for sure and moving towards a plant-based diet. Taking things one step at a time and educating myself as much as I can. Progress over perfection 😉


Why love one and eat the other?

So why did I start this blog?

I’ve come across hundreds of vegan blogs with various recipe and exercise related posts. Hence, I didn’t want this to be just another foodie blog. There’s already so much information out there with random words like “detox” and “cleanse” that it can be downright confusing!!! So here I am writing a blog to explain in plain English the science behind nutrition, exercise, disease, and our general health.

Cheers and Lots of Love



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